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Basic salary scales and fringe benefits are established through negotiations between the teachers' association and representatives of the government. In some cases, supplementary negotiations take place at the school board level concerning additional fringe benefits and conditions of work.

Other Benefits:

  • compassionate leave
  • supplementary medical insurance
  • cumulative sick leave
  • longterm disability insurance
  • maternity leave
  • retirement gratuities
  • sabbatical and study leave
  • life insurance
  • dental insurance

General Social Security

As citizens of Canada, teachers are required to participate in the social security programs of the federal government. These include Unemployment Insurance and the Canada/Quebec Pension Plan. The Unemployment Insurance plan provides benefits to persons who are unemployed through maternity or illness, as well as through general unavailability of suitable work. The Canada/Quebec Pension Plan provides a basic minimum retirement allowance and, in addition, some disability and survivors' benefits.


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